29 October 2012

1750 pts IG vs BA the Relic

Paul and I finally got round to having a match up and we planned to basically take the armies we used at the tournament but could make some small changes. Also we had 250 extra points to play with.

My list looked like this (additions to 1500 points in bold):

Company Command Squad with 2x plasmagun, medic

Veteran Squad with 3x plasmagun, grenadiers, chimera with multi-laser and heavy flamer
Veteran Squad with 3x meltagun, demolitions, chimera with multi-laser and heavy flamer

Platoon command Squad with power sword, plasma pistol, 3x flamer
Infantry Squad with autocannon and grenade launcher and commissar with power sword and plasma pistol
Infantry Squad with autocannon and grenade launcher
Infantry Squad with autocannon and grenade launcher
Heavy weapons team with 3x missile launchers


Leman Russ Vanquisher with Lascannon
Leman Russ Executioner with plasma cannon sponsons
Leman Russ Eradicator with 3x heavy flamer

Paul's list was:


5x Terminators with heavy flamer

Tactical Squad with meltagun, lascannon in razorback with twin heavy bolters
Scout Squad with snipers and missile launcher
Scout squad with close combat stuff

Furiosio Dread

Allies: Lord Commissar with power sword and bolt pistol
Stormtroopers with meltagun (sternguard count as)
Penal Legionnaires (counted as assorted guardsmen)
Medusa with bastion breacher shells (counted as by whirlwind)

Terrain setup: I was worried about terminators and after he placed the big building in the centre I tried to keep his two flanks open and cover some of my flanks. This didn't work out so well but at least I was able to reinforce the hill in the centre of my deployment zone

Paul was going to be going first so I let him setup (see pictures). I carefully measured range from Mephiston and decided to do a similar thing to what I had done against Ilya only more centrally. My blob deployed a few inches out of Mephiston turn 1 assault range. Tanks were spread on two flanks. Chimeras centre followed by command squads which were hoping to dash out of sight under the bunker from the medusa. 2 Vendettas empty and in reserve.

Scout squads infiltrate close to the relic.

However, I quickly seize the iniative and try to capitalise.

Turn 1

Chimeras drive up aggressively, and command squads pass the line of sight of the medusa. Heavy tanks push up both flanks. Massed shooting sees some sniper scouts dead, the medusa dead and five tactical marines who were formerly on the hill dead. First blood has been seized successfully.

However my eradicator which i had actually been expecting to get first blood with completely misses with it's large blast on the penal legion.

Of course as always, I forget that he has a drop pod which will come in turn 1 and the dread drops to stop my advance. Mephiston swoops to join him while the scouts take the objective and some tactical marines advance through the ruins.

Meltavet chimera is destroyed and the squad spills out behind it and isn't pinned. Otherwise, not much else to report and it seems as though I have landed a rather crippling blow to Paul's force. I still have to watch out for his reserve terminators and stormtroopers, but if I can deal with Mephiston sooner rather than later I think I have a good chance.

Turn 2

Reserves do not arrive, but I put some firepower mainly into the objective holding scouts and mephiston. I also hit the penal legion and severely deplete them but they hold.


Mephiston takes quite a few wounds

Paul's reserves don't show up either but he starts a series of charges. The second chimera is popped and plasmavets come out. Mephiston challenges my warlord and kills him, while the meltavets are assailed by some furious scouts accompanied by corbulo. At the same time after some overwatch fire my flamer equipped platoon command squad beats back the penal legion whose only survivor runs away.

Turn 3 and the cavalry arrive. Both Vendettas swoop on (yes I have painted the second one, pics to follow). Some progress is made up the field on both flanks and the drop pod is destroyed while the dread takes damage. Mephiston finishes off my ccs.

Combat in the middle continues.

Combat squad in the ruins comes under executioner fire - two marines are left.

Paul's turn and reserves come on in the form of his storm raven. Mephiston decides to charge the blob but some lucky overwatch fire takes his last wound.

Stormraven shoots the executioner...

Turn 4 and the dreadnought is down. Combat in the middle will either be joined by the plasmavets or they'll make a push for the objective. It is vital to note that at this point there are still 2 sniper scouts hiding in the bunker who i've forgotten about.

However I do kill Paul's tactical marines and the stormraven.

2 vendettas in close proximity - not a good idea. One fell and snapped the front part off.

Combat in the middle continues.

Paul's turn and more damage is done in the middle. However stormtroopers arrive but mishap and are the blue dots in the crater deep in Paul's deployemnt zone. Terminators arrive next to the platoon command squad and grill them to death with their heavy flamer.

Turn 5

I still don't remember that there are scouts in the bunker... I shoot with pretty much everything at the stormtroopers. Also the executioner is facing what used to be a 5 man terminator squad.

Middle combat is a stalemate.

We are running out of time so this is the last turn... Paul's scouts come out and take the objective... -_-

He has the objective and slay the warlord.... I have linebreaker, first blood, and slay the warlord.

He wins 4-3 although had the game gone (which it would have cos I rolled for it :D) I probably could have got rid of his 2 scouts and corbulo as my army was very much intact.

What I learned?

- Need to pay attention (lol)
- My army can be very good at killing other armies - reminds me, still haven't played purge the alien.
- Chimeras are not invincible
- Watch out for deepstriking dreadnoughts
- I can kill Mephiston

Anywayz was a good match.

So Blood Angels 4-3 Imperial Guard (I can put that down as a draw can't I, Paul? ;))

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