1 September 2012

GW and Pricing - Rant about Dark Vengeance

One thing that's caught while browsing the vast interwebs is people complaining about GW "breaking the $100 price barrier" for a starter set with the about to be released dark vengeance... Really? You're already spending a lot more money on non-starter set models (which are a lot better in terms of quality, poseability, detail, etc) and probably have no interest in the actual starter set and yet you're complaining? Come on - this is an EXPENSIVE hobby after all. The worst thing is that all the people complain and then go and buy the product nevertheless... How is this showing GW that they are wrong to be pricing so high? The only thing ranting on the internet does is annoy people who have to read through loads of blog posts which are full of complaints. I highly doubt that ANYONE in GW even looks at any of the online community or there would have been loads of 'purged' posts which infringe on their copyright.

I haven't even started to mention that it's an 100 DOLLAR barrier... so for english people they have broken what - the £50 barrier??!? Really? What about other countries? The statement obviously doesn't apply, although I do not deny it is high price compared to what it was before, yet can we really put a value to the increase in quality of the miniatures in the box? Couldn't gw be claiming some increase for the newer, better rules that come in the box too? (which could have also been why the full rulebook costs more aswell).

Finally, for GOD"S SAKE - IT'S A STARTER SET! Be happy that they even give you that and if you're already a player then there isn't a lot of reason for you to buy the box in the first place. One problem that many people have is that even though they don't collect certain armies, when they see a good deal they take it, and although dark vengeance is more pricey than previous starter boxes we have seen, it still is just that, a good deal - take it or leave it, and enough with the complaining.

On a side note though I am extremely disappointed with the fact that they have repeat minis in the set, I may have even picked one up without that negative, even though some people say that nowadays we are spoilt for choice. Guess you can't please everyone...


  1. Economy is in the toilet. The price of everything is going up. Don't konw how they kept the price of the starter sets below $100 for so long.

    But gamers like to moan and complain about the product just before they buy it.

  2. Only the limited edt is over 100, and only by 8$. The regular one is $99.00

    1. I do realise - was just quoting from roundabout the internet/blogosphere

  3. Not sure what there is exactly to complain about. I saw a blog post, which totaled up all the contents in the set. It came to about £300. You're getting a massive deal for the price, and the models look awesome too.



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