15 September 2012

GW Psychic Powers App Launched

Just some quick news... it seems gw are really starting to take digital products seriously, coming out with an app that is just limited to ipad and is actually useful! The perks include:

- having all the psychic powers from all the races to choose from
- Being able to randomly generate psychic powers from the rulebook
- Having the mastery levels of all the psykers in the game
- Keeping track of psykers and which powers they have
- And even being able to take a photo of your psyker and use that to remind you which psyker has which powers

After seeing all this I was extremely excited, as are you probably, so I decided to have a look at the price. And then my jaw dropped... £7.99 for this !?!?!? Seriously WTF GW?

So maybe it's not such a great thing after all, and added to the price is that apparently (according to a reviewer) they don't have any/some of the codex powers... which is a big minus. Perhaps I won't be getting this one after all...


  1. £7.99! Good job I am not into Apps :D

  2. £7.99... no thanks, looks pretty handy though for those who can afford it!

    1. It's not so much about affording, tbh i think it's about whether we'll let them get away with it...

  3. Don't the cards they sell do the same thing for less money?


    1. No, the cards to less for a penny more.



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