16 July 2012

Terrain: Fence done and Gameboard WIP

Thanks to Aurelius legion for inspiring me to actually make and paint this piece of terrain which had been lying around somewhere in the cupboard for a few years now. As you may I know I dusted off this kit from my independent stockist which consisted of a base, mesh and the plastic pole things, assembled it and spiced it up a little.

Now it is (well they are, there are two) painted and ready for use.

My Gameboard (pic after the jump)is has also progressed very far with 4 board sections basically finished (I just need to paint the skulls, granted there are loads of them) and 2 primed and ready to get painted and flocked when I get back.

I actually had a bit of an adventure making this because before even spraying I tested using sand on one section and it came out horrible so fortunately I was able to wash the mess off. I then ran out of black primer about 4 and a half boards in (which is why 2 are not painted yet). Then I went a little heavy handed on the drybrushing of part of the second board I painted and it shows, however luckily most of it is covered with static grass.

When adding the static grass I ran out of PVA glue after the very first board and tried using spray glue on the flat one which came out pretty bad and clumped but I managed to sort out the patchiness and everything else later on when I got more PVA. Luckily now I am basically finished with the rocks done  and I'm hoping we'll be getting some 6th ed batreps in on it when I get back.

Oh and the reason I chose the colour was because it was easy to get the scenery painting pack rather than waste lots of valuable paints and I've wanted to do a sort of desert them anyway. The grass, as I said was mainly to cover up the messy drybrushing on the section on the far right.


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    1. Thanks - yours are a lot better though may have to copy you ;)

  2. Looking pukka, dude! Added to this weeks UK Bloggers Group weekly round up :)



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