18 July 2012

Contemptor dreadnought wip

Note: I have internet so it won't all be post spreading as I said before.

Another short post: as part of my ebay findings some time ago I got a contemptor. He's going to be magnetised so he can be armed with (the now worthless) 2x twin-linked autocannons or lascannon-powerfist combo. I might even be tempted to convert a plasmagun coming out of his fist following the imperial armour rules. Although maybe I should just get some different arms and use it as a mortis pattern dreadnought or whatever has the skyfire rule... hmm...

I have started magnetising having already done the torso and the main arms. I've also basically finished all the cleanup. To be honest after reading Ron's post on FTW here, I suspect that it is a counterfeit model but really unlike Ron's the resin doesn't seem too different from other resin (Paul's battlefortress, not sure if he's shown it on here yet). The detail is really clean and crisp but in some places there seem to be slight miscasts (primarily the lascannon where the power coiling is in two parts which are not joined together properly).

I'm really looking forward to assembling and painting this guy when I get back - now, time to think of some cool basing and posing ideas...


  1. Even if it is fake, it sounds like you have all the parts and the problems are minimal. Or at least small enough that you can handle them with relative ease.

    Hopefully the magnetizing won't give you too much trouble.

    Ron, FTW

  2. Looks like your Relic Contemptor is coming along well. If you are looking for a nice Anti-Air and basically everything else, I can't stress how good the Contemptor Mortis Dread is. I like to run 1 or 2 of them with the Kheres Assault Cannons and Cyclone Missile Launcher. Sure it's 215 points but it puts out a lot more firepower, Higher Str, Lower AP shots then a unit of Tactical Terminator with a CML, and for 15 less points.

    1. Yeah that's roughly what I was thinking - just not sure how easy it'll be to kill a dreadnought in comparison to terminators for example



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