10 June 2012

iBooks Space marine codex review

6th Ed version update: click here

Since I needed to get rules for my ultramarines (left my codex in Russia) and also because I support the move to digital overall, I bought the electronic version.

As you can see it is highly probable that these special rules have been duplicated from the page before which states Sicarius' rules
Now the problem is that for such an expensive product I would expect it to be perfect but there are occasional glitches as my iPad gets overloaded with information (or at least I think that's why it quits iBooks randomly)

The bigger problem is that there are many typos and when you click on the description of some rules it comes up with the description for another unit (see pictures).

This makes it very confusing as to whether the whole ruleset has been entered for the wrong squad or whether it is just the description that's wrong.

This leads to further problems as some updated rules may be typos - e.g. I swear SM terminators can't take drop pods as dedicated transports and paul is pretty sure of this too and you can't check without the hard copy.

Unfortunately this effectively nullifies the usefulness of a digital version especially if you have to keep checking the proper one, as you don't know how reliable the electronic copy is.  However it's not all completely bad - the summary at the back is really useful for jumping to rule pages, and tapping on equipment to know what it does is great too. However overall, I'm sort of regretting that I purchased this (even though I needed to, but I could have got another sm codex for cheaper).

(Note these are all screenshots from my iPad, this may not be the latest version but I don't think there has been an update - all I know is what I can see on my screen). Has anyone else been having similar problems?


  1. That's a bit disappointing If all this is true. I thought that GW might actually be making a positive move into the electronic world, but if all they are producing is shoddy codexes, then I don't want any part.

    1. Unfortunately this is the case, of course if you don't believe me you can always download it and see for yourself - it's quite saddening that something so useful has been basically ruined



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