16 May 2011

NO more Metal!

So GW has decided to put an end to metal minis. What does this mean for us? Well, not much in particular except that prices are going to go UP!

One thing that I am hopeful for is that the resin casts won't be as fiddly to put together as the metal was, I really don't like metal minis for one reason - they take AGES to glue together (I use citadel glue but now more often my own glue that is universal - sticks everything) and also they fall apart just so easily. Not forgetting to mention that on metal minis in my experience paint chips much more easily and sometimes the citadel spray just flows straight off the minis!

Therefore, unlike most people out there, I am actually quite hopeful for the new stuff. With a little luck they'll make new casts for all the models they are making this way too. For the meanwhile though I shall wait and see if anyone else tries them out before I buy any! ;)

Heres a list of the new stuff

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