18 May 2011

1 Year of Blogging with 100 posts heads-up

Okay, this is the 100th post and I have had just a few days over a year of blogging here. I thank you all for your support and your comments, and would like to give something back to you guys.

I, as you know, am very busy right now, but sometime next month, I shall be organising a give-away. And keeping with the restrictions on the interwebz now about not buying anything from GW, it shall be something I have hoarded away somewhere (dont worry it shall not be an old dusty metal model - probably a captain, or some other suitable thing, and possibly some bases for the runner up). AND YES IT WILL DEFINITELY BE A GW 40K model!!!

Just one thing that you should be warned about, I shall be giving the prize away to someone randomly selected out of the list of people who are my followers, BUT who also have commented sometime on my blog - (yes you could just comment saying "me please" at the bottom of the post that will be announcing the give-away, I just don't want to end up with people who randomly clicked follow, don't want the prize, won't contact me with their details or just don't care/hate this blog.)

So now that you know what is ahead, all that remains is to wait for it.


  1. Congrats on the 100th post, keep up the great work

  2. Did somebody say giveaway?
    I think I stumbled across this at the right time haha.

  3. WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS sorry caps about blogging. have you enjoyed it? Is it worthwhile?

    Just curious, because I have just started.

  4. Yes, it is. I like the idea that people actually read my work and take an interest in it. Especially when they leave comments :D

  5. Nice one, keeping up blogging for that long, i hope to be as consistent as you. I love BR and you have quite a few, so i will be keeping an eye on this blog :D

  6. thanks mate! And good luck on your blog! By the way, you're not on my followers list??? LOL

    And wanting to share batreps was the primary reason why I started this blog, so good to hear that it's going ok :D

  7. I've taken time to read through a few of your bat reps and I love 'em. It's what got me into 40k again in the first place, I watched a bunch on youtube randomly and now here I am haha.
    Keep it up mate.



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