24 November 2013

1850 - Marines + Tau

Just been thinking of a list something along these lines... not sure what chapter tactics to use though, and perhaps it might be better to swap tau to primary... but then we'd be looking at a very different list so...

Nicely formatted version of the list can be found here.

1850 pts


Chapter master on bike, artificer armour, thunder hammer, shield eternal

5 man Legion of the damned, multi-melta, meltagun
5 man Legion of the damned, multi-melta, meltagun

5 man bike squad, 2x grav-gun
Scout squad, land speeder storm, with heavy flamer
Scout squad, land speeder storm, with heavy flamer

Stormraven, multi-melta, lascannon
Thunderfire cannon


Buff commander, msss, PEN-chip, iridium, onager gauntlet
Riptide with ion, sms, ewo
10 kroot, hound
4 pathfinders
3x broadsides with HYMP and SMS, 2x target lock

So the chapter master and bikes + riptide go on the offensive into the midfield, taking the attention away from the real damage dealers that are the buffed up broadsides. The scout squads either act as last minute scoring, or (perhaps without scouts inside them) the storms move up as fast anti-infantry killers that can also drop blind on someone for the chapter master and his bikes to then flatten.

Thunderfire is there to help give the broadsides a safe place to sit as well as some extra anti-infantry. Legion of the damned can quite handily get rid of backfield scoring such as cultists, or even suicide nasty targets such as tanks. They are better than my usual tactical marines in a pod because they can't be killed by helldrakes/plasma as easily.


Perhaps some inquisitorial allies such as coteaz might be useful here, but i don't know their rules well enough to judge at this stage.

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