20 March 2011

Steel Legion camo scheme?

Guys, does anyone know what colours to use for the camo part of a Steel legion tank? You know that yellowy-tan colour? Please let me know if you know or have any ideas/suggestions.

image from dakkadakka.com


  1. hey! thanks for the comment. Rotting flesh and codex grey.

    here is a quick guide, how I did my steel legion armour:

    sprayed chaos black. A drybrush of codex grey. then if you like a very light fortress grey drybrush for highlighting stuff.

    then, you get rotting flesh and drybrush stripes on heavily, but as you get further away from the stripes centre, drybrush lighter. (For some of my tanks though, I mixed half half rotting flesh with fortress grey and did a drybrush of that, and then in the centre of the stripes did a pure rotting flesh drybrush, but the simpler way looks just as good, and a bit bolder)

    then give a light white drybrush over everything.

    If your not a good drybrusher, always remember to make sure you don't have too much paint. some of my tanks have dodgy patched because my paint was a bit too wet or too much paint :)

  2. thanks a lot for commenting, and your blog is awesome!



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