24 December 2010

R2G Campaign (July): Battle 4 Beginning of the End

I fielded as you probably know, my test army that I will be using against Ilya on Saturday, but with a few modifications as I faced Paul's Orks: the vindicator dropped out and a squad of assault marines popped in. LOTS OF PICTURES !!!


                                                                                   The Ultramarines: 

Captain with power sword and boltgun 

Terminators with assault cannon 
Dreadnought with assault cannon and flamer 

Tactical squad, missile launcher and flamer 
Combat squad, plasma pistol and melt a bombs and in razorback with twin lascannons 
Scout squad, missile launcher

Assault squad with power fist and combat shield
Land speeder typhoon 

Land raider redeemer with multi-melta 

Gobzmeat's/Gazghskull's Boyz:: 

Ghazghskull and his nobs

Gobzmeat and his nobs 

About 20 footslogging boys probably with a rokkit launcher or two
Deff Dread 
And about 10 gretchin

 Now onto the battle

We set up the field following the guidelines in the rulebook but then looming at the city fight missions we came up with some home brew rules. 5 points per building controlled and one point for each unit fully destroyed (as per annihilation kind of rules). I being the attacker chose Dawn of war deployment 

Turn 1 

The space marine mech rumbled on with the tactical squad already in position in the bastion and the scouts on the other flank behind some rocks just in front of the bunker. The razorback took up a supporting position next to the bastion. 

The land raider rolled onto the road with the dreadnought in close support, setting the trap(I could use this against other armies as it worked well here, but ork trucks are the same armour all around - like setting up a dual firebase and then giving a bait in the middle so both bases could find side armour). 

In this case the juicy bait was the land raider full of terms which I knew would be Paul's main target and so it happened. The sparse shooting was ineffective.

The orks ran on and the trukks and dread rolled on too, right down to my land raider as expected and the bosses and their escorting nobs clambered out. Not much else happened, it was like the calm before a coming storm. 

Turn 2 

The space marine line shuffled slightly and opened fire killing swathes of nobs, the whirlwind killing seven orks running for the coveer of the building, wounding Gobzmeat and even destroying one of the trukks! The dreadnought then followed up this firing display by charging into Ghazghskull and his nobs, killing a few of the tough orks, only to be hacked apart by the legendary boss' power klaw! 

The orks responded to this threat by destroying some tactical marines, wrecking the land raider, wrecking the whirlwind and moving into position to threaten Imperial control of the bastion. The orks being ensconed in two buildings and the spae marines only holding one at the moment meant that the orks were in the lead 11-9. 

Turn 3  

The terminators, having disembarked, charged the incoming orcs after firing controlled salvoes into the green tide in front of them while the tactical squad stunned the other ork transport. In combat, the captain and his 1st company veterans killed numerous green skins with only Ghazghskull, who 

was out of range remaining, so they consolidated back towards the bastion. 

 The ork bikes and tracks zoomed on, killing the scouts to a man and then the orks destroyed all the guns on the razorback. Gazghskull and the dread charged the terminators killing three of them. 

Turn 4 

Space marine reinforcements arrived the tactical squad and land speeder taking positions in the midfield. The lone scout went to ground, while the razorback attempted to drive out of sight behind the bastion. The land speeder stunned one of the 

wartrakks and the assault marines killed a fair number of gretchin helped by an on target missile launcher shot. In combat the terminator sergeant was killed but the dreadnought wwan immobilised and Ghazzghkull suffered a wound. 

The orks returned fire shaking the land speeder, killing one or two marines and killing two members of the assault squad too. One squad of ork bikers caught up with the razorback and immobilised it while in combat the space marine captain was killed. 

Final stages: 

The assault squad killed all the gretchin on the objective and then proceeded to destroy the wartrakks while the combat squad trying to reach the bunker was assaulted by the bikers, holding out to a man but wiping out 2 out of 3 bikes. Ghazghskull assaulted the tacked but did not have enough time to do any damage as the game ended at turn 6 , with just the sergeant remaing, whose missile launcher wrecked the dread the turn before. the orks also wiped out the assault squad but failed to destroy the contesting landspeeder. 

The game ended 7-7, with neither side holding a building - yet another draw!

 In conclusion, I have a pretty solid army, but not enough anti-tank I think (for saturday), but the vindicator should help slightly with this. Things to remember when playing orks next time? Something to use against those quick bikers...

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