12 December 2010

Army List competition

Head over to warpstone flux before its too late to enter the Army list competition, here is what I entered:

Tau hunter cadre 

 Transmission begins  
"Engaging some of those enemy stealth hints sir!" 
"They've destroyed our transport sir!" 
"Attack em boys..." 
Ten seconds later... 
"they're all around us sir! What shall we do? They appeared from nowhere honestly!" 
 Last transmission from sgt peters 


 Shas'o with bodyguard team, shas'o with cyclic ion blaster plasma rifle shield generator, crisis suits fire knife configuration with multi-trackers 244 pts 

stealth team with fusion blaster, marker light drone 112pts 
Crisis team, fire knife config with multi trackers exept team leader with fusion gun, flamer and target lock 165pts 

6 fire warriors 60pts 
10 Kroot 2 hounds 82 pts 
10 Kroot 2 hounds 82 pts 

 Fast attack 

 3 vespids with strain leader 70pts 
Piranha burst cannon 60pts 
Pathfinders 6 two with rail rifles with devilfish 158 pts 

 Heavy support 

 2 broadsides 140 pts 
Ion head with smart missiles 125pts 
Hammerhead with smart missiles 170pts 

 1468 pts- so there's room for tailoring 

 How I see it is the stealth suits infiltrating (possibly with kroot), fire base set up at the back (hammerheads and broadsides) and also set up pathfinders in their fish in place with good line of sight-more on that later. A space marine column coming in or any other army of course, transports are quickly shot down so they try to footslog it into assault with the closest target (stealth suits) and then everything pounces on them from all sides- outflanking deep striking etc... This is where the pathfinders come in. They not only markerlighht but also reroll deep strikes that are in their line of sight, something I haven't seen anyone do yet. Now some of you are probably wondering at the vespids, but to pop in and kill a few marines, ESP devastators/long fangs their gr8, strike where the enemy is least expecting!

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