27 December 2010

Finished Vindicator- Name?

So here is my finished Vindicator in her full painted GLORY. Personally I think the stripes were worth the effort it took to do them. Any suggestions for a name would be strongly appreciated. Not much else to say, the pics tell the story...


  1. Do you name all of your tanks? Do you already have a theme? You could name it Glory (and other tanks as Purity & Honor), or name it "The Emporer's Fist," and others along a similar theme. Oter themes that come to mind are animals, natural disasters/forces (lightning, tornados, etc.).

  2. I try to name my tanks simply with a name I like, but it needs to fit too, glory sounds like a good name, "Emperor's Fist" is quite commonplace though and I was thinking of something powerful



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