12 September 2010

Heavy Weapons Team 1 Built

The whole team

Having dug up my Imperial Guard Battleforce and deciding I definately needed some heavy weapons in my army, I decided to finally make the heavy weapons team. After spending some time pondering on how to build it, I decided I would have a trio of missile launchers as the frags would kill orks or massed infantry while the krak shots would be able to destroy most of the tanks in the game. I was thinking about lascannons, but in smaller battles I think the missile launchers will be more useful. However as my army gets bigger and maybe for apocalypse, I will probably getting another heavy weapons team and equip it with lascannons, (to hunt down those big tanks, super-heavies and titans). More pictures below (sorry if slightly blurred). Oh and yes, I know those were supposed to be mortar shells but I added them anyway because I thought they look cool.
Shoot that target!


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