20 May 2010

Campaign Background

Since the Summer Holidays are coming up, my friends and I decided to get an idea of what we could do for a summer campaign. Now the campaign should be set out in a realistic way so I am thinking 
of getting the planetary empires boxed set and possible the planetstrike rulebook. I am also thinking about making some personalised Tau terrain. If you have any suggestions please commentShown below is some background I found.

The Planet Kronus, beset on all sides by the tithes of war, this once quiet colony became a savage battlefield. Seven armies clashed on this one world, each refusing to back down. Each convinced it was in the right. From beneath the ancient sands of Kronus’ central dessert came the Necrons. Ancient machines bent on eradicating all life, but another evil had already set its eyes on that planet. From the depths of the warp, the daemonic forces of chaos arrived to enforce their claim. To oppose these fearsome powers the planet rulers and the Tau went mad, sent their relief soldiers and sophisticated battlesuits into the fray. From the mighty Imperium of Man came the Imperial Guard, theirs was the claim on Kronus was the glory of the God Emperor. Like a green tide, the Ork hordes descended on Kronus, caring little for other’s claims and sowing destruction in their wake. Then the Eldar, ancient enemies of the Necrons, emerged from their webway to pursue their own agenda on Kronus. At last came the Space Marines, finest of the most uncompromising of the Imperium’s soldiers, seeing the world beset by aliens and heretics, they undertook a great purge.
The Dark Crusade had begun. It could only end with the victory of one of these factions and the total defeat of all others.

The Space Marines of the Blood Ravens chapter arrived on Kronus like the mailed fist of the Emperor. Acting under orders from his chapter master and chief librarian, Young brother Captain Thule ordered the Ravens to carry out a thorough purge of this world.  The Chapter Master had told Thule that ancient relics of the chapter were hidden on Kronus, Artifacts from the mysterious early years of the Blood Ravens. These sacred items could not be allowed to fall into alien hands. Captain Thule ordered the withdrawal of the Imperial Guard forces stationed in Victory Bay. The Governor Alexander flatly refused to pull his men back. Thule judged the Governor a good man, but had little choice but to send his Space Marines to battle the Governors troops, along with all the other powers on Kronus. The Blood Ravens willingness to fight soldiers of the Imperium did not go unnoticed. Whispers began that the  relics on Kronus were more damming than holy. Only the war’s victor’s would be left to decide the truth of the matter.

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