20 April 2013

The Start of a New Army: Dark Eldar

So I had a little holiday time left to make a start on my de. Tarted off by converting the razor wing I got off eBay slightly, not realising what dark lances look like and thinking they were splinter rifles or something and that they looked silly. Thus, after a bit of cutting, gluing and some liquid green stuff I ended up with the two void lances you can see. On the underside I just stuck on the coolest looking missiles and will count them as void mines.

I forgot to get a basing kit last time I visited a hobby shop so my kabalites are built but baseless. Got some incubi - lovely models - and did likewise with them. Glued together my eBay succubus too.

For the wyches, when I get around to them (probably towards July) I'll be trying to get more dynamic poses. The basing scheme for the army will be urban but snowy so I can use my IG display board for them without it looking too out of place. I'll be doing test schemes but to be honest my favourite is the gw studio scheme of the kabal of the black heart, although I might be tempted by a stahly style purple or a more magenta type like evil space elves from the dark city forums.

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