30 March 2012

Painted: Commissar + Master of the Ordinance

Not much going on round here lately, so here's the start of trying to remedy that... I've been quite busy but I've managed to do there two - so not exactly a lot by any standards. At least they're 100% done or maybe the master of the ordinance may still have a haircut soon cos I'm not quite happy with how his hair turned out. 

Otherwise it was just a modified normal guardsman paintscheme. I didn't want either of these two to look too far out of context from the force so the black on the commissar had to go and I think the cream is alright especially with the touches of grey to tie him in with the rest of the army and the splashes of red to denote his status. The greatcoat and the cap say the rest really. Basing was standard for the models which I didn't put rubble on. The master of the ordinance has some bits of green to make him a little special and some gold plating. Otherwise the only difference between these guys and the line guardsmen is that they had an extra highlight of bleached bone after the rotting flesh was washed with devlan mud and to be honest I think it works quite well - although I'm not sure I'll do it to the masses of troops although the high command may receive the same treatment here and there.

Next up Paul will have a batrep and hopefully some painting from one or both of us - I will also tell Ilya to show us what he's been up to. See you next time.



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