28 February 2011

Battlewagon update and the greatness of Apocalypse

Hi, Paul speaking,

Some time ago I played in an apocalypse match and got the chance to use my new battlewagon. It was a fun game, and really demonstrated the goodness of apocalypse.

It was a friendly game with orks vs space marines and nids. The nid and the sm player weren't allowed to communicate because of racial difference. The mission was for the orks to keep hold of an imperial prisoner held in a force fieldwhile the sm were trying to recover him and the nids were simply trying to eat him.

Unfortunately the battlewagon was quickly immobilised and wrecked by Hive Tyrant, before it got to use it's spiky dozer-blade thing at the front. In this game it was a fight on all sides, ended with a tervigon tunneling in through the ground to get next to the forcefield, destroying the force-field and simply munching up the imperial inside.

It was a good game, but another bad thing that happened, was that the guns on the wagon broke off halfway through the game - I would thoroughly recommend that they are magnetised, if anyone builds a battlewagon.

Stay tuned for more updates as the battlewagon gets magnetised.

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