7 January 2011

Clash of the Eldar!!!

First of apologies, I know it's been a long time but I'm back with a battle report. We rolled for an annihalation mission, with pitched battle deployment, I was surprised at his lack of transports and found him shocked and worried that I had special playtested my army against Paul's orks and with Artemy for this encounter.

I deployed little with the bulk of my army being in transports/reserve. Only a small squad of tank hunter specialist types was on my left flank, with everyone on the right.

His army generally advances...

He's castled up in one corner as I expected, with a nice drop podding zone just infront.

My land raider advances up the centre with it's deadly cargo of termies and my captain.

His war-walker kills a few marines but a little later I destroy the stronger of it's two weapons...

My battle line - my whole army vs only half of his army, using the eldar's own trick against them, also note my freshly painted vindicator obliterating a chunk of guys from one ten man squad, while my whirlwind bombards another.

Fried scorpions for lunch, eh?

Immobilised vindi, :'(

I'm assaulted and have my assault cannon destroyed...

Termies take out the threat, landraider stuns his fire prism proxy - (which was actually an attempt at nightwing I think, but the wings were ttoo small)

Retreating from my termies.... mmm...

Shifting away from the danger, and advancing seer council.


Mishapped drop pod, guess where Ilya places it? Yeah that's right, in a crater right in the opposite corner!!!

Meh, the fireprism did not do much all game but I took it out anyway.

Foolish people...

Long range missile shot takes out war-walker- in hindsight, why did I not move the rhino???

Aerial shot, land raider trying to clean up...

Still THERE, and threatening seer council...

Oh great... 
Disembark squad and pump shots into them.

Landspeeder wreaks havoc.


End of game.... 6-3 to me - YAY
Conclusion - Ilya get some TRANSPORTS!!! As for me, never underestimate the power of the seer council...


  1. Nice game, but it was a bit one sided! WAVESERPENTS!!

  2. Just a bit ;) , to be fair though I probably knew more about his army than he did, he's only played it a few times against a novice CSM player that he's teaching how to play

  3. good one! i almost never read these things but, it's great, but one-sided.



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